Sunday, October 25, 2009

There is a a Truth

Discover the Truth!
There is a truth that I need to reveal to you, talk to you about and make readily available for you to know about it.
What is this truth?
Knowing this truth can change the world, change your view of the world, change the way you look at reality , Perceive,
change the way you look at life, Perspective

Life for everyone has always been a journey of discovery, Revelation
Because life as we perceive it is always changing, our view of life is always changing, what we held to be truth today can become falsehood tomorrow. What we perceive to be reality today can change tomorrow. Truth when revealed has a tendency to change our view on life; it either takes the edge of our perception or sharpens our perception of reality; consequently the truth can change our lives. In this context I am revealing this truth. “The devils is a liar, life on earth is of the devil”. There are only two things in life, people are either ascending or descending, coming from God or ascending to God, everything else if of the devil.

Let us check the facts, let us check reality against this truth; let us check reality as in the way we perceive the world. it was real as can be real, but today it is so real as yesterday.

What was this reality?
How do we differentiate truth from falsehood? Perhaps the very nature of this world is a false reality. It is always changing. It appears to be real but its nature will change in time. Pass away
Are we ready for the truth that can give us the light of the day?
We need to know the truth behind the impulse, which drives us to negate each other. We need to know the reason why we are driven to negate that which is black in life and to exalt that which is white in life. It is an unnatural disposition, yet it is a fact of life. It is beside us. We have no control over the way we feel. We need to do something about the way we feel. We are driven by the impulse to negate that which is void of the attributes of light or black, and to exalt everything, which reflects the attributes of, light or white. We are either driven to negate literarily that which reflects the attributes of black or lack of light or driven to exalt the attributes of light or white. In so it is the struggle we go trough all the days of our lives.

We have been tided up in this eternal struggle, a type of polarization, which creates duality in human’s life. This type of struggle existed in human’s life since the fall of man. It has been the cause for all the disparities that exist in the human race.

Anything black in life is to be negated and cut off from life, and anything white is to be exalted and put forth. Unless we know the truth, which exists behind this struggle, we will continue to live our lives struggling with each other literarily. This type of darkness existed in life since the fall of man. Until Jesus came to reveal through actions, and showed us new possibilities trough demonstrations we were living in the dark. We did not know the possibilities of the spirit life.
He raised the dead, healed the sick, gave sight to the blinds and arose Himself from the dead. These are possibilities that didn’t exist until He came to reveal them to us. We too must claim these possibilities as our own and also any other revelations that come later to us trough His servants. Hence these revelations become reality in our lives, they will override our present reality. However difficult and challenging it may appears to be right now just to talk about these subjects, before Jesus came these possibilities did not even exist to us. Now we cannot only talk about them but we also can confront them. Jesus said that He is the truth, because before Him we were living our lives in a false reality and we are still do. We know not that the dead can live again; He revealed this truth to us by demonstrating its reality. He healed the sick, arose from the grave. These are truths that He also demonstrated to us. These truths one day shall become facts and override the false reality that we are now living. In such manner shall it be for us that knowing the truth behind the struggle between black and white shall help us override our false reality. If we can focus on the truths that Jesus revealed and seek to live the life, which make them possible, we can experience new realities. One of such reality that needs to be changed is the struggle, which exist between black and white. The impulse to negate anything black literarily has caused great disparities in the human race. Black people because of the color of their skin have been cut off from the possibilities of life. Not necessarily by whites but the impulse to negate and restraint that which is black, such happenings can only be the works of darkness. Though the devil portrait himself as an agent for light, he is in actuality an instigator of darkness. Very few human beings understand the reason why they are feeling the way they feel, act the way they do or be in the condition they find themselves in. Asians people also have experienced some degree of negation because of the color of their skin. They have not experienced the intensity of which black people have experienced because their yellow skin is closer to white and reflects some of the attributes of light. The truth that I am trying to put forth is that there is a co-relationship between the attributes found in light and the reality of life on earth. There is also a co-relation between the fall of man and the struggle, which is currently going on in life. There is also a relationship between the stagnation that persists among the darker skin people of the world and the acceleration that flourishes among the lighter skin people of the world.

“Truth is that which is. It is aught, it changes not”. Truth is that which is, it resides in God. He alone can reveal it to us. Jesus revealed Himself to be the truth by demonstrating in actions the reality behind the truths He tried to reveal. “There is no religion higher than truth”. “Falsehood is what seems to be, it is naught and shall pass away”. Continued..


Friday, October 24, 2008

The Measure of Faith

She had the measure of faith necessary to transcend her limitations and had her needs met. Despites been looked down upon as dog; with no standing in the world; she was able to transcend her limitation with her faith. She had the measure of faith. Do you want to change the human condition in your country and in your world? Are you affected by Negation? Is the world put you in a corner and you see no way out? Do you want to change the lines that depict your existence? Here is how?
You need the measure of faith. What do I mean by the measure of faith? Is it the amount of faith you need or the substance of your faith? Faith is defined as the substance of things hope for. True to that but what you need to know is what substance is your faith made up; in what do you have faith in. You need faith in the substance of God, in the power of God. The measure of faith is the (standard) amount of faith required in Christ to tap in the power of God. Faith is the demarcation line separating the haves and the have nots, separating what you don’t have and what you want.

Here is the measure of faith
Christ is the end of the law and the end of our limitations. Christ is the power of God for our salvation. The moment we believe that with conviction we have the measure of faith necessary to tap in the power of God.
Jesus asked his disciples a rhetorical question: “What is eternal life?” and He answered his own question this way: “Eternal life is to believe that Jehovah God is the only true God and the one He sent, Jesus Christ”. That is the measure of faith. That is what requirerd. Hence you believe that, you can tap in the spiritual world, the eternal. Everyone who believes in Christ starts with that measure of faith; with the same amount of faith. This amount of faith is all that you need to access heaven, to bring the kingdom of God to the earth; that is the measure of faith she needed. The Canaanite woman was able to access the power of God to meet her need by her faith. All she needed was her belief in Jesus that He is the Christ, the savior. Savior means that she believed that Jesus embodied the power of God in Him to meet her need. Her faith gave her access to that power. Jesus was a Jew; as a man He was conforming to the demands of the law. It was forbidden for Jews to deal with Canaanites, but her faith forced Him to transcend the law and fulfill her needs. Whatever your race, your denomination, your limitations in life, hence you tap in the spirit world; you are free of your limitations. Your faith in God and in Jesus Christ gives you access to heaven, the eternal. Yes her ancestral ties placed limits on her, her race was a barrier keeping her from accessing her possibilities on earth, but her faith helped her transcend her limitations. That measure of faith is what gave her access to the spirit, to the eternal, to the eternal life that Jesus was talking about. He went on to describe further what faith is, that measure of your belief, that conviction that you must have. He said that faith is like that of a mustard seed which is the least among the trees, but grows on to become the largest of the trees. You start with that small amount of belief; the only requirement that you need to access heaven. You start with the belief that Jehovah God is the only true God and Jesus Christ is the one He sent to reveal His power. That is your conviction, your belief. “A man has to believe” without this conviction you cannot access the power of God.
What is the implication to all of that; how can your faith help you transcend your limitations in this world. “A man is a spirit being clothed in flesh” this statement is true, I can demonstrate the truth in it to you. The Canaanite woman was clothed with the body that she was born in. she was born in Canaan . According to the bible that race is traceable to an incident in the Old Testament involving Noah and his sons. Noah was drunk and when he awoke knowing what his son Ham had done to him, he said: Cursed be Canaan
It was forbidden for Jews to have anything to do with Canaanites. Jesus been a Jews had to conform to the law at that time. When He was talking to the woman, He was addressing her as a Jew not as the Messiah. The friction that existed between Jews and Canaanites at that time was very apparent in the conversation between Jesus and that woman. She was able to won Him over with her faith despites all, taken him past the flesh and addressed His spirit. She believed in Him despites all He said to her to remind her of her limitations, her fleshly statutes. The Canaanites were considered as dogs at that time. Jesus was trying to remind her that Jews did not have anything to do with Canaanites; but her faith won Him over. Your faith in the power of God, your faith in Christ is all you need to transcend your limitations.

{ You who is lagging behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world, unable to attain success despites all of your efforts, for whatever reason the devil uses to negate you, rather it is because of your race, religion, gender or geographical origin, you can call on the power of God for your salvation. Out of the mouth confession is made into salvation. If you believe that Jehovah God is the only true God and Jesus is His envoy and embodied His power for your salvation, confess it with your mouth, you shall call on that power to free you from the grips of Negation and it shall be done. You can tap in the spiritual world with your faith. You can tap in the power of God for your salvation. Only God can free you from the division brought by the forces for Negation; if you can have that measure of faith necessary to tap in that power, you can transcend all the limitations that the world put on you. }

You can really be in the world and not of it. That measure of faith is the belief that Jesus is the Christ, the power of God for our salvation. Someone said that: “having to believe is a cinch” a man has to believe in his knower, he must know that he knows that Jesus is the Christ, the power of God for his salvation. “Jesus said to Peter upon this revelation that I am the Christ, knowing this truth, whatever you bind in heaven will be bound on earth and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven”. All of this means that you can bridge heaven and earth together with your belief; you now can bring heaven in the play in your life.
As a body you have the limitation of the body, but as a spirit you have no limitation. If you identify yourself with the body, you will have the limitations of the body. You will be forced to conform to the laws that regulate the body.

[Obama as a president embodies the spirit of reconciliation. He is equally white as he is equally black. He is not affected by the pull of Negation or the privilege of Attainment. Why hasn’t his white side been a problem? Well we know why; it is Negation that is a problem. In this world, whites are affirmed and blacks are negated. He is able to transcend the struggle that exists between blacks and whites because he embodies the spirit of reconciliation. If you can assume your right identity, you too can transcend the struggle that exists between blacks and whites. See right identity:]

Her faith gave her access to that power.
The woman with the issue of blood is a perfect example of the power of God embodied in Jesus, she was able to tap in that power of God without Jesus foreknowledge of it; He did not realize that she had tap into Him until the power was released from Him. Her faith gave her access to that power. That is the measure of faith that she needed to access that power. That is the measure of faith we all need; everyone who tap in to the spiritual world start with that measure of faith. “A man has to believe”. She believed that if she could touch His garment, she will be healed. That belief, that conviction was all she needed to access the spiritual reality she could not see. “Faith therefore is the substance of thing hope fore and the evidence of things unseen”. the evidence of things unseen

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This System of Things

This is what Jesus called it, the name seem a propos. Because it is a system of operandus, it is mechanical. It has an aim, an objective. It is designed to make us consume the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. We are subconsciously and unknowingly consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The kingdom of darkness, rightly named so, is subconscious; because it operates below our conscious mind, it is designed to make us perpetually consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.
Jesus Himself said it plainly. “Except a man denies himself; he cannot fallow Me". Jesus is the alternative to the kingdom of darkness; He represents the kingdom of God. What He is saying in effect is that we must deny the process by which we arrive at our self identity. We assume our identity as a separate entity by consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Unless we deny that process, we can never be part of the other kingdom. To fallow Jesus and become part of the kingdom of God, we must deny the self. The process by which we arrive at our self identity is for us to consume the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is us assuming our self identity, separating ourselves from our fellow human beings, and ultimately from God.
Except a man takes up his cross he cannot fallow Me”: this is the antidote to the kingdom of darkness, the antidote that will keep us from consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil gives us our self identity, our self awareness, our spirit of separation. Except a man takes up his cross means that we must embrace our humanity, our oneness, the short comings, the weaknesses of our fellow human beings, all of the flaws that come with being human. Just like a child, we accept with all weaknesses, vulnerabilities, etc... Only as a child can we enter the kingdom of God, with no consciousness of self.

We must undo the works of darkness; we must deny the very thing that sustains the kingdom of darkness. We must give up our self identity and embrace our humanity.
Let him deny himself and take up his cross”. This is the antidote against the kingdom of darkness. “Except a man is born of water and spirit, he cannot see the kingdom of heaven”. Born of water means renunciation, let go of our self identity, give up the self, deny the process by which we arrive at our self identity. only then can we be begotten by the spirit of God. We must make the transition, that is we must give up the spirit of separation and embrace the spirit of oneness. “I pray Father that they are one as you and I are one”.
There will never true races relation until this system of things is no more. We know why He came; to destroy the kingdom of darkness. Every little bit of progress made is a victory against the kingdom of darkness. Apartheid in South Africa, James Crow law in America, are steps toward making the enemy of humanity our foot stool. I am seating with Christ waiting on God to fulfill His promise. “Now is the ruler of this world cast out, the darkness of this world cast out”.
Looking at this system of things, it is complex, elaborate, fleeting, cunning, elusive, only God can stand against it. We must align ourselves with God to expedite the process, and shorten the time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get off My Tail; Here Are Some Tales

You must hear this!

I had recently a conversation with an intellectual, university educated voodoo priest from Haiti. We were discussing religion and the human condition in Haiti. I asked him what he think was responsible for the state of poverty Haiti. He told me that he was about to fix that. He had an organization on the way addressing this issue. Haiti must go back to its ancestral religion he said and that Christianity is responsible for the economic depravity that exists in Haiti. Christianity is a foreign element introduced by the Whiteman to rob black Haitians of their inherited power. He said that Haiti was a prosperous nation until Haitians were forced to give up their religion. He said that there were several campaigns mounted by former leaders, in the 1920, 30s and 40s forcing Haitians to give up their religion. I let him talk to his heart content. I realize his frustration, like most of us we
feel helpless in the face of insurmountable task.

I told him that Christianity is not an imposition, it is not something that is imposed from outside to us; it is what we are all becoming. as we develop the human qualities such as love, tolerance and compassion for our fellow human beings; as we express these qualities we are becoming closer to what God intended for us to be. In doing so, we begin to realize these qualities in the teachings of Jesus Christ are our source of strength. Christ is humanity redeemed, human beings becoming closer to the image of God. I said to him; trust me my friend, the blessing of God, the power to succeed in anything in life, the ability to proper and excel in life will come through Christ. As we getting closer to the image of what God intended for us to be, He has no other alternative but to bless us. Jesus Christ asked a jew this question: “are ye Abraham descendant?” if ye be Abraham descendant, etc. God is able to raise Abraham descendants out of the history of Abraham”. Which means that you don’t have to be a Jew, born in Israel or Palestine to receive the blessing of God; God said through Abraham and his seed, He will bless all of the family of the earth... he said to Abraham: “I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward”. Why is that about Abraham you may ask? Why God showed him favor?
Jesus said this: “Because Abraham obeyed the law of God, the statutes and the commandments of God, God accounted him righteous”. God blessed him exceedingly because he knows right from wrong, how to treat others as he want them to treat him, he knows and acknowledges God as the source of unfailing, invisible supply. He gave no credence to man or any other power, except God. This is the fatal flaw that maintains poverty in Haiti. Even though all voodoo priests acknowledge God as the source of all powers and to Him they ask permission before carry out their activities, but never once educate their subjects to seek the source themselves, or even point them toward the source. While they themselves ask permission from the source to operate, they never once lead their subjects to the source. As a consequence, there is always a third party mediating, standing between the source and them. See what they have as a result; Third world reality; taking guidance and direction from failed spirits; spirits that may not even graduated out of their class or who may have been permanently banned to reach higher levels of awareness.

I was disappointed because I saw the zeal and the enthusiasm displayed by the voodoo priest. He is wrong and will lead his people away from their blessing. I told him that you don’t have to be labeled a Christian if you don’t want to, just become one. These principles you found in the teachings of Jesus Christ are universal principles if we not learn them willingly, we will learn them forcefully on the battle fields of the world.

Robert noel

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Babel Syndrome

Jesus never saw Himself as God or equal to God yet He said the He and God are one. This tells us that we can still be individuals and yet part of a collective or a greater whole. he also prayed to God to preserve His disciple as a unit, as one. “I pray Father that they are one as we are one” While we celebrate our individuality we tend to loose sight of our collectivity. God is the source of all things, in God we are one because he is the source of all things. Some how we lost the awareness of our oneness with God; in order to find God again we must first deny the process that gave us our individuality.
“If a man wants to fallow Me, let him deny himself and fallow Me”. Everything we do in this world revolves around the self. It is the self that make us individuals yet we are a collective. The proof is in the pudding; Christ save us as individuals, each one of us is saved differently. Only as individuals can we be saved, yet Christ is coming for a collective. He is coming for the church or the body of believers that made up the church. Here is the nuance, we must loose ourselves in order to find ourselves. God saves humanity, not just me or you but the whole of humanity. That is the awareness we must cultivate. Jesus never lost his position as master, nor did his status diminished when he washed the feet of His disciples. He was one with them yet still retained His individuality. He did not have to negate them to make Himself more important than them or greater than them. He knew who He was as an individual and as a collective.

See: The individual VS the collective

The babel syndrome

Genesis 3:17 to 19“cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art , and unto dust shalt thou return”. This is the sentence that we incurred when Adam decided to put his individuality above God. What is it that took place when God said to Adam that you shall not eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. “which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it “. What is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil?

Man is a collective entity, a fragmented being that needs the presence of his fellow human beings to find wholeness. The moment we consume the fruit of our individuality we loose sight of our spiritual oneness. This is why it is said that sin separated man from God. The process by which we arrive at our individuality is negation. We must negate others as to say that you are not me. It is this process that leads us to consume the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. We know that we are better than that is good and everything else that is not me is evil. Resorting that difference is the act of consuming the fruit of the knowledge we gain that we are separate and I am not you and you are not me. This is what causes us to be fragmented, we lost sight of the spiritual link that binds us together as one. Without the spirit there is no oneness. It is t he spirit that makes us one. “We know in part and we prophesize in part” Paul said. Some of us may hold the gift of prophesy and still some others have the gift to interpret prophesies. Everyman has a blind widow which he needs some one else to help him see. jesus put great emphasis on oneness. The question that I am inviting you to ask is why is it so difficult for the people of the Third world to see eye to eye, share the same vision or come together collectively to achieve great things? Why is it so difficult for some of us to come together in one accord? Why is it so difficult for some of us to see eye to eye, share one vision collectively? Jesus Christ teachings revolve around teaching us how to be one... he knows how much we need each other. He knows that we are not complete without one another. In His teachings, He said: “Do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you”; forgive your brother seven time seven, turn the other cheek that is seek alternatives to resolve conflict, avoid head on collision, be like the good Samaritan, be kind to others in need, take up your cross that is to embrace your humanity, the weaknesses and the short comings of your fellow human beings”.
“A man discovers himself in the midst of his fellow human beings” we need other to help us see ourselves, help us see a reflection of ourselves. Are we our brother’s keepers? Yes we are, because our survival depends on others. God will not pour His blessing until there is unity. “Where the unity is, there t he Lord commands the blessing”. Jesus prayer for His disciples is that they remained one as a unit, one as a group with the same purpose. He knew that they could not accomplish their mission unless they remain one as a group with the same purpose. “I pray father the are one as you and I are one”
“Lo the people are one; nothing will be refrained from them which they imagine to do”. There is power in oneness. We were created to be at one with God. We must deny the self, the awareness of our individuality to regain the awareness of our collectivity. “If a man wants to fallow Mw, let him first deny himself and fallow Me”. Jesus came to undo the works of darkness; he came to undo the process by which we arrive at our self awareness. We are perpetually consuming the fruit of the knowledge of Good and evil. We arrive at our self awareness by negating that which we think or believe is not us. This is consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Why we negate others? We do that to promote ourselves, to claim our individuality as better than the next person and in the process for go our awareness of the connection we have with that person. Jesus came to show us other wise. There is no humanity without the awareness of our collectivity, our dependence on each other, most importantly our connection to the source.
The crux of success in the industrial world is the ability of the people to come together collectively to achieve great things. This entails a denial of our individuality for the purpose of coming together for a greater good.

My question to you is what is the Babel Syndrome?

The babel Syndrome is a mental state that is common to countries that are underdeveloped commonly called Third World Countries. If there is an indicator, something by which to measure the Third World it is in the frequency of the mental disease called Babel syndrome.

Jesus claimed his individuality yet never separated Himself from God. He never claimed to be God. He said: “The father is greater than me yet He and the father are one”.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Solution for a Third World

This below will explain the reason why there is a Third World in our midst and what can the people of the Third World do to produce first rated world. Below are universal principles when apply will make a measurable change in the lives of people.
Prepare a short questionnaire for yourself that will help you determine where you stand in this world in terms of human needs; to what level of awareness are you stuck in; or if you are a free human being, able to move freely back and forth from one level of awareness to the next. God intended for you to go back and forth, climbing up and down the rungs that made up the ladder of awareness from one level of awareness to the next, communing back and forth, ascending or descending from earth to heaven or from heaven to earth bringing the divine to the lowest levels of awareness illuminating the darkness of this world.
Now is the ruler of this world cast out, the darkness of this world cast out”.


If I were to summarize the description of the people of the Third World, I could do it in just one word: AWARENESS
What do I mean by awareness?
It is your inner disposition, your ability to perceive and assess the world around you, how you relate to people and the world around you.
In describing the inner disposition of the people of the Third World I can say that it is first a state of fixation on a particular need, in the structure of human needs, needs are arranged by order or priority, needs are what motivate people in life, they are the driving force in our lives, the driving force of a country on a collective level or driving force on a personal level as an individuals, people are driven by needs, when a predominant need takes precedence over all other needs that becomes a fixation in life, that fixation is our state of awareness, it is that state of awareness through which a person sees, interact or relate to the world, everything is filtered through that need, that need takes up all of our attention, this is fixation of our attention, we are stuck at that level of need or one can say that our awareness is stuck, unable to break free, we enter into a state of bewilderment and confusion, in this state of fixation we lack focus, we then become unable to hear or see anything else outside of that need, we remain stuck within ourselves as individuals, unable to join others, unite as a group collectively, share each other vision. This is the ply of the Third World people; they are indeed stuck collectively at one level of awareness; we can say that is as far as they can come together collectively, they are one collectively because of their communality; they are part of a collective, not by choice, but by their communality. It is not without cause that we have a Third World in our midst. If you observe carefully the communalities that are typical to the people of the Third World, you will understand why the world they create is called Third World. If you were to characterize the people of the Third World, you could say that they are living in a trance like, their attention is fixated on a need, whatever that need is, they are driven by it. I hope that you get the essence of what I am trying to convey to you. I want you to understand that the reason we have a Third World in our midst is because the people cannot help themselves; they are in a state of fixation which usually accompany by a state of bewilderment and confusion, they cannot produce first rated world, because they cannot share their thoughts and vision collectively, cut off from the higher levels of awareness where they can find inspiration, intuition and vision. Because they are stuck, they can only function as individuals and not function as a collective, each one is to his own, doing his own thing, pursuing his own dreams. This is their ply.

The Remedy
Spirit and fire are the true remedies. John testified to that fact when he said that;” Luke 3:16 John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Luke 3:17 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.”. the chaff represents the undesirable things that pin us down in life. We should be fluid and flexible, free to go back and forth from one level of awareness to the other, but some of us are stuck at one level, pin down, unable to get free, this is called fixation of attention. When Christ baptize you with spirit and fire you are shacking from you foundation, you are able to be free, free to move like the wind. “John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” when you are baptized by fire you are purged from and clean from anything that block you, weighted you own, keeping you from flowing with the spirit. You attention should be free to move back and forth, free to climb the ladder of awareness, from the need for survival to the highest need, the need to be divine. You are indeed a new creation in Christ; you are able to flow like the wind with everything around you.

We are all driven by needs. In terms of needs, some of us are stuck at the bottom of the scale to the level of subsistence, still others are stuck at the level of procreation, they only want to have children and enjoy sexual pleasure, others still are suck at the level of self recognition, the need for power, to be acknowledged, these different needs become our fixation in life. When we are stuck, we only see and respond to the world around us through the prism of that need.

The need for Savior
Some of us need someone to help us break through our fixation. We need a booster, a shot in the arm so to speak, an infusion of the spirit to help us break free. We need the power of God to help us break free. We need a Savior. Jesus embodied that power in him; he is the Christ, the embodiment of the power of God. This is where the word savior comes into play. Most people in the Third World are functioning only at one level of awareness, which ever one that they are stuck in; unable to operate at other level; they are oblivious to any other level of awareness. This why you find even leaders and well educated people unable to create a better world for their people; they are in a state of fixation. What is usually fallow that state of fixation is a state of bewilderment and confusion? What I would like for you to do is to evaluate your life, see where you stand, on what level of awareness you are; what is it that is driving your life, what is your predominant need in life.

Take a look at the structure of human needs, see which level best describes your life, what is the need that motivates you the most. We all have needs, but which of these needs becomes an obsession for you. When everything else matter for you in life except fulfilling that need, you are in a state of fixation.

You are an individual, yet you are part of a collective. Your country is a collective. You may be free as an individual to flow form one level of awareness to the next yet your country as a collectively may not. A man is bound by the collective.
From the one to the many
Whatever God is going to do, he will do it first through the individual; then from the individual to the collective. As through sin death entered the world as such through one man humanity was saved; from the one through the many. We are individuals first then a collective, we are part of a collective, not the collective.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A World in the Making!

A world to Come!

So many possible outcomes, yet no matter the outcome one thing is for certain, there is a shift, it is indisputable and no one can do anything about it. The winds of change are blowing, only God knows the outcome.

Reality Check
The prediction for a win in New Hampshire for Senator Obama was dead on, except the report on Obama family put a damper on the voter’s enthusiasm.

The whole country is trying to figure out how things can turn so quickly against Obama.
The reason is simple; all you have to do is put the lines side by side and sort out the differences. CNN did that well when they aired a special on Obama family in Kenya. The lines coming out of these images depict poverty, stagnation and all the resulted effects of Negation. You may ask yourself, is Obama a champion for those who are victims of Negation, those that are left behind or a unitor; someone who can bridge the gap and help us overcome the disparities that separate us? One thing is for certain is that we are at a cross road where two opposing forces will intersect each other, the forces that drive humanity forward and the forces that restrained humanity backward; someone needs to facilitate that shift. Obama embodied that spirit, rather he becomes president or not, he will help reconcile the opposing forces that drive us apart. He will take us beyond the adversarial system that is driving this world.

As for us, we can never know for sure the outcome, except in retrospect, recollecting the events that just passed. God made sure that it is that way for us. “Had they known , they would not have crucified Jesus”. God only knows why He raised a voice like Obama to point us toward change.
A Better World